A Reputation On Which You Can Rely

As owner-operators of some of the largest and most successful regional projects in Asia, Central Walk is a multi-billion real estate company that is passionate about owning and managing properties with a retail core. Our three decades’ experience guides us in generating asset traffic and transforming the shopping center into a space for community use, family entertainment, and green living.

Company Culture

Profitability is critical to business, but our primary objective as landlords and caretakers is to create a safe environment for our tenant teams, third-party staff, and patrons while ensuring the health and safety of our staff.

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Team Work

At Central Walk, we foster a culture of respect. One of Central Walk HR’s core tenets is creating a caring, harmonious, and balanced workplace – a hallmark of our brand.

Lifestyle and Diversity

Work hard, play hard. All individuals have diverse strengths; our goal is to help you find yours and give you a platform to develop and refine them.

Health and Safety

Central Walk was the first large-scale commercial retail landlord in Western Canada to implement mandatory masking in September 2020, considerably before most governments worldwide mandated the public masking policy we are so familiar with today. Our properties adhere to the highest safety measures, so that staff and patrons who work at and visit our spaces are confident of the health they bring to their families.

Career Growth

Central Walk functions on an in-house growth and promotions system. We train and provide opportunities to our staff to help them gain experience, hone their skills, and grow their potential. Staff will have an opportunity to work interdepartmentally to broaden horizons and develop comprehensively in the commercial real estate sector.

Available Opportunities

Arbutus Ridge - Current Employment Opportunities
  • Cobble Hill, British Columbia

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