We specialize in the acquisition, development and operation of commercial real estate.

With assets already distributed in major cities in Southeast Asia, Central Walk is focusing and expanding retail investment in Canada.

Central Walk is committed to elevating, enhancing, and investing in the communities in which we operate. We do so through the donations and actions of our properties to ensure that our projects can positively contribute to our local communities and neighbourhoods.


Board Chairwoman

Weihong Liu

Weihong Liu is a member of the All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce and the Provincial Congress of Political Consultation; she is the Vice President of the Chinese Women’s Entrepreneurial Chamber, Executive Director of the Guangdong Overseas Friendship Association, Chief Representative of Investment Promotions in Harbin, and Board Chairman at Central Walk, making her one of the most prominent female entrepreneurs in Asia today.

As Board Chairman of Central Walk, Ms. Liu is responsible for overseeing all critical investment decisions at the Company. She has an exceptional fondness for hands-on business model and an insatiable passion towards the retail-based commercial real estate industry. Her achievements include pioneering green sustainability on her way to developing one of the most successful shopping centres in China.

Under her leadership, it is Ms. Liu's intention for Central Walk to work respectably with its fellows in the industry -no matter the size- to forge strong bonds, empower societies, and enrich the livelihoods of those whom our assets serve.

President and Chief Executive Officer

Bin Wang

Bin Wang is the President and Chief Executive officer of Central Walk. Mr. Wang has been under the Company umbrella for twenty years, rising through its ranks from Investment and Marketing Management to Senior and Executive Vice-Presidency, before serving as President of both its subsidiary investment and property management arms in Asia.

As head of Investments, he is responsible for the overall negotiation strategy of acquisitions. As head of the Company's management arm, Mr. Wang spearheads the execution of board and Company goals and is responsible for directing the Company's growth and development.

Chief Financial Officer

Karen Liu

Karen Liu is the Chief Financial Officer at Central Walk. She received her education in economics and later worked in the banking sector. In her position, Ms. Liu is responsible for managing and facilitating the finances of the Company.

Together with the Finance & Accounting team, she ensures that the company’s financial goals are met. Ms. Liu works closely with staff at all levels to maintain a stable and detail-oriented financial system at Central Walk.

Senior Management

Executive Director

Fang Sun

Fang Sun is the Executive Director of Central Walk. She immigrated to Canada in 2004, lived in central Canada for a year, until she found her favorite place to live – Vancouver Island where she never wants to leave.

As a former teacher, Ms. Sun has over ten years’ experience working with international, youth, and adult learners. A life-long learner herself, she is not afraid of challenges. In her role, she is committed to leading the team to fulfill Central Walk's vision and mission.

Director, Asset Management

Valen Tam

As Director of Asset Management, Valen Tam is responsible for the growth, operation, and performance of the Company's commercial eco-system. He oversees the leasing masterplan, operational policies, public relations, investment analysis, redevelopment coordination, acquisition negotiations, portfolio management, financing applications, corporate legalities, team building, and brand development.

Mr. Tam is most active with the Leasing Department, where he leads negotiations and shapes Company-wide rent and communication models. His achievements include the development of a fair pandemic rent relief model, a sustainable arrears policy, and securing over eighty deals in a calendar year.

In his expansive role, Mr. Tam works with staff as a guide, problem solver, and bridge to the Company's executive leadership.

Director, Investment & Planning

Lucien Lyu

Lucien Lyu joined Central Walk, China in 2008 and came to Canada in 2019. As the Director of Investment & Planning, he is responsible for identifying Central Walk's CRE investment projects in Canada. Mr. Lyu is committed to pursuing the company's goal of creating a diversified and inclusive shopping experience by integrating themed entertainment, food, technology, and sustainable shopping.

His vision is to participate in more charitable events concerning children's health, particularly around mental wellness, autism, and poverty.

Vice-General Manager

John Sun

John Sun is responsible for the company’s operations and redevelopment projects in BC, Canada. He played a key role in the transactions and transitions of Woodgrove and Mayfair Shopping Centres.

Mr. Sun obtained his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Manitoba. Before joining Central Walk in 2016, he worked extensively in engineering and infrastructure.

Mr. Sun is fluent in both Mandarin and English.

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